Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Hidden Family

Since I have gotten to Sicily, I haven't been able to do the reading that I used to do...but I finished this book the other day. I don't remeber buying this book but I must have on my last trip to Borders before we left.
It was really good. It is the second book in a series. I didn't read the first but I did not feel like I was missing something.
Here's a review by Jonathan McCalmont from The Zone.
Following the attempt on her life, Miriam goes underground in our world. Using a locket she found on the body of one of the assassins, she discovers that her would-be killers not only did not come from Earth but also did not come from the world of her newly discovered family either. Instead, they came from an America that is now the seat of a British Empire forced to flee the British Isles because of a French invasion. This world seems stuck in a version of our late 19th century technologically as well as politically as their most hated political criminals, such as Karl Marx, do nothing more than argue for universal suffrage and the rights of women. Miriam dodges the secret police and sets up a company importing 20th century technology. This makes her money and, more importantly, a power-base from which she can defend herself against her family's desire to see her married off or declared incompetent. In addition to the hidden branch of the family, Miriam also uncovers a traitor within the family organisation whose flight not only leads to the family's operations in our world being threatened but also the death of one of the main characters from the first novel.

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