Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Crazies and Stolen

 Last night Frank and I watched The Crazies.  At first I wasn't crazy (haha) about this movie, thinking it was going to be scary and disgusting.  But it actually turned out to be not bad. Timothy Olyphant is the town sheriff and Radha Mitchell is his doctor wife.  A plane goes down and the people of the town are acting crazy.
 Here she is in a containment hospital.  Is she infected?

A crazy....

Sophia and I watched Stolen today.

 It stars Jon Hamm, Josh Lucas, Rhona Mitra and even "Dawson", yes James Van Der Beek.

 This is a movie that tells 2 stories at a time.  Lucas and Hamm have had their boys kidnapped 50 years apart. Hamm is a cop that gets called to a crime scene where a boy's body was found.  He thinks that it is his child but then finds out that the boy has been in the ground for 50 years.  It turns out that the boy is Lucas' son.  Who is the kidnapper???

Mitra is Hamm's wife who has been trying to put her missing son behind her.
The story is pretty good.  But it can be sad and heartbreaking.

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