Monday, December 27, 2010

Read this Past Week 12-26-10

 I was a busy reader this week.....nothing else to do with all the snow that came down over the weekend!!  We were very surprised that we got about 6 inches of snow starting on the 25th and ending late in the afternoon on the 26th.

 I found another book by Crusie and Mayer at the library.  I thought I would try another since I liked Wild Ride so much.  This was a nice story about a woman called in to direct the last 4 days of shooting on a movie set.  Of course it all turns to crap, haha...

 I really enjoy reading books by these guys.  It's always thrilling!  Cops and FBI agents fighting crime!

 I forget where I found out about this book.  Probably from another blog.  I had never heard of this book before. It was written in 1948 by the woman that wrote 101 Dalmatians.  It was made into a movie  I wouldn't mind seeing it.
The book is a diary written by 17 year old Cassandra Mortmain.  Her family lives in in a decaying castle in England.  They are struggling just to feed themselves.  One day her sister decides to make a wish on a angel/devil head that hangs over the kitchen door.  Next thing they know an American family with 2 eligible sons sweeps into their lives.  Changes ensue!

 I picked the latest Ed Eagle novel by Stuart Woods.  Ed is a lawyer in Santa Fe who's ex wife is determined to murder him.

I picked up another by this author. Mad Dash is the story of  Dash, who is going through a mid life crisis.  Her mother died a few months back, her only child has gone off to college and she is wonder what's left in her life.

A few months ago I bought a copy of Outlander at a great used book store in a nearby town.  I reread it.  It's been almost 20 years since it was first published.  I had gotten the 2nd book in the series from the library.  I will be getting the rest this week.  It's like visiting a friend that you haven't seen for ages.
For those that don't this book, here's a review...

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