Friday, January 25, 2013

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming

I read this first novel, published in 1953, of the familiar James Bond series for my Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge 2013 and the Mystery/Crime Challenge. The category is: 28. Book to Movie: one vintage mystery that has appeared on screen (feature film or TV movie) for the Vintage Challenge.  

The Plot: M sends James Bond to Royale to play cards with Le Chiffre, a bad guy for SMERSH.  James is supposed to be a Jamaican playboy so Vesper Lynd is assigned to him as his companion. The baccarat game is eventually successful in Bond's favor after losing large sums of money.  The CIA (through Felix Leiter, a character who is in quite a few Bond novels) sends Bond more money to play with after he loses his original stake from the UK.  Bond win 40 million francs.
Le Chiffre wants, needs this money for his organization so he kidnaps Vesper in order to get Bond to turn over the $$.  You will have to read the book to find out what happens next.

I liked this book a lot except for a few things.  I did not care for the constant use of French words mainly in the first half of the book. Because I did not understand, it took away from the story.  When he used French to reference food, I understood.  I did not like all the initials for organizations, perhaps in the 50's the reader knew what they stood for.

The 2006 movie pretty much follows the book.  I haven't seen the 1967 version in a long time so I don't remember the storyline other than it was a comedy.

Pages: 213

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Bev Hankins said...

This is one of the few James Bond books that I've read...first time back when I was in high school (too many years to count) and then again last year for another challenge. Fleming did know how to write a spy novel.