Monday, January 28, 2013

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I had ordered this book from the library to use it for the Monthly Key Word Challenge BUT I have over fulfilled my quota for the month!!  LOL!
This is a teen fiction book about a girl named Karou, who lives in Prague.  She is an excellent artist who does errands for Brimstone, who is a chimera.  His shop is between worlds.  He pays her in wishes.  She has always wondered where she came from and who her parents are.
I found this book fascinating and intelligent.  Not the usual teen supernatural book.  If you are looking for something like Twilight, this is not the one!!  I wanted to see Karou's drawings!!

 I think this book would be an amazing movie!  If I think this someone else must have  - so I found this on her blog. It was optioned by Universal.....but that doesn't mean it will happen....

Here is a much better review.   Laini Taylor's blog.

Pages: 418


Anonymous said...

I was thinking it would make a good movie too!

jmisgro said...

Great minds think alike!! lol