Saturday, January 26, 2013

Delusion in Death by J. D. Robb

This is the 35th novel by this author also known as Nora RobertsI may have read one or two of these back in the mid 90's. I cannot remember.  But I will be reading more in the future!

I liked this book a lot. I was trying to figure out when it takes place other than some time in the near future. I liked the characters in the book.

The Story:  A crowded happy hour at the local bar, everyone is happy, drinking and eating.  All of a sudden people start hallucinating and killing each other.  It only lasts 12 minutes.  The police are called in a Lt. Eve Dallas and her team are in charge of the investigation.  The same thing happens again the next day at a cafe during the lunch rush a few blocks away.  Dallas and her team connect the 2 incidents to a terrorist group from years ago called Red Horse.  How is this connected to the murders?

An excerpt:

Chapter One
After a killer day at the office, nothing smoothed those raw edges like happy hour. On the Rocks on Manhattan’s Lower West Side catered to white-collar working stiffs who wanted half-price drinks and some cheesy rice balls while they bitched about their bosses or hit on a coworker.
Or the execs who wanted a couple of quick belts close to the office before their commute to the ’burbs.
From four-thirty to six, the long bar, the high-tops and low-tops bulged with lower-rung execs, admins, assistants, and secretaries who flooded out of the cubes, pools, and tiny offices. Some washed up like shipwreck survivors. Others waded ashore ready to bask in the buzz. A few wanted nothing more than to huddle alone on their small square of claimed territory and drink the day away.
By five, the bar hummed like a hive while bartenders and waitstaff rushed and scurried to serve those whose workday was behind them. The second of those half-price drinks tended to improve moods so the laughter, amiable chatter, and pre-mating rituals punctuated the hum.
The rest of the excerpt here.

Pages: 388

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