Monday, January 28, 2013

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier

I was so excited to get to read a first edition of this book, which was published in the US in 1952, a year after it's publishing in the UK.  I know I read this years and years ago but I did not remember the story.  This book has been made into a movie and several miniseries through out the years.
I read this book for the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge for the category #: 10. Wicked Women: a book with a woman in the title--either by name (Mrs. McGinty's Dead) or by reference (The Case of the Vagabound Virgin).  I think I have just about fulfilled the eight books needed to complete this challenge but I am going to see if I can find a book for each of the 37 categories or scattergories as the challenge is called!

 Starring Richard Burton and Olivia De Havilland.

As Philip and Rachel

The Story:  Philip's parents died when he was a child and he was taken in by his cousin, Ambrose Ashley. Philip becomes the son that Ambrose never had, as he was unmarried.  Being later in life, Ambrose suffered from rheumatism and living in damp Cornwall was not good for him.  He starts spending the winters abroad because Philip is old enough to run the estate while he is away.
While Ambrose is in Florence, he meets another cousin, Rachel and marries her.  He writes Philip that they are in the midst of settling her former husband's estate. Things in Italy move slowly.  The next thing you know it's two years later and Ambrose dies.  He has sent Philip some strange letters accusing Rachel of being responsible for his illness and then death.  Philip goes to Florence to see Ambrose but finds out that he died during the three weeks it took him to get to Italy.  Rachel has already packed up and left.
He returns to Cornwall and blames Rachel for what happens.  She writes to his godfather to visit.  Philip does not want her to come but he does extend an invitation so he can accuse her.  But instead he falls madly in love with her.  Did she kill his uncle or will have to read the book to find out!!

Pages: 348

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