Monday, January 28, 2013

Paranoia by Joseph Finder

I found this book on a post writing about books that are being made into movies. The movie stars Liam Hemsworth and Gary Oldman, one of my favorites!  More info about the movie here.

I really enjoyed reading this.  The story was exciting and moved along very well.

The Story: Adam Cassidy is a loser or that is what is "wonderful" (heavy sarcasm) father tells him. He plans a retirement party for an employee at WyattTel.  He hacks the company's financial section to pay for this party.  It costs about $80,000.  He gets caught and the owner, Wyatt, wants him to get a job at their competition and steal information or he will go to jail for embezzlement.  He does and that is where it all begins!

Chapter 4

Nicholas Wyatt was one scary dude. I had never met him before, but I'd seen him on TV, on CNBC, and on the corporate Web site, the video messages he'd recorded. I'd even caught a few glimpses of him, live, in my three years working for the company he founded. Up close he was even more intimidating. He had a deep tan, shoe polish-black hair that was gelled and combed straight back. His teeth were perfectly even and Vegas-white.

He was fifty-six but didn't look it, whatever fifty-six is supposed to look like. Anyway, he sure didn't look like my dad at fifty-six, a paunchy, balding old man even in his so-called prime. This was some other fifty-six.

I had no idea why he was here. What could the CEO of the company threaten me with that Meacham hadn't already pulled out? Death by a thousand paper cuts? Being eaten alive by wild boar?

Secretly I had this fleeting fantasy that he was going to high-five me, congratulate me for pulling off a good one, say he liked my spirit, my moxie. But that sad little daydream shriveled as quickly as it popped into my desperate mind. Nicholas Wyatt wasn't some basketball-playing priest. He was a vindictive son of a bitch.
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Pages: 424

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