Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Silver by Rhiannon Held

Another selection for my reading challenges: Monthly Keyword Challenge and Color Coded Reading Challenge. Key word: Silver - 8.  A book with any other color in the title (Purple, Orange, Silver, Pink, Magneta, etc.).

This is a first novel.  And boy, am I looking forward to the next one. I needed to read a supernatural novel after reading so many crime/mystery novels.

The story: Andrew Dare, an enforcer for the Roanoke wolf pack, tracks and finds a lone wolf.  She calls herself Silver after the silver that was injected into her changes her body and life.  Dare needs to find out where she came from and kill the human or wolf that did this to her.

The lone werewolf smelled like silver and pain. Or maybe it wasn’t pain, maybe it was fear. In human form, Andrew Dare’s nose had missed that undertone altogether, and even in wolf it was elusive. Her trail wove beneath one of the power line towers straddling this strip of grassy, undeveloped land, and the metal bar clipped the top of Andrew’s ears as he padded under. He twitched his ears, checking again for any nearby humans, but he remained alone for the moment.
Pain and fear or not, she was a Were carrying silver, and that could mean only one thing: she was a European. Only European Were used silver on each other and would therefore have reason to carry it, and damned if Andrew was going to let any of them cause trouble in his alpha’s territory. 
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Pages: 317

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