Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Buzzard Table by Margaret Maron

I really enjoy reading books by Margaret Maron especially the Deborah Knott mysteries. These books take place here in North Carolina.
This book connects two of Maron's protagonists: Deborah Knott and Sigrid Harald through a series of murders. Deborah meets a man studying and photographing buzzards through her nephew and later finds out he is Sigrid's cousin, Martin.  Dwight, Deborah's husband, is investigating the disappearance of a real estate agent.  Martin discovers her body. Deborah is a judge and a high school boy, Jeremy, come through her courtroom.  She lets him have community service with a minister and Sigrid's mother Anne.  Jeremy meets Martin and finds some incriminating photos on his computer.  How all of these plot lines come together is very interesting.

This book qualifies for the What's in a Name Challenge: In the Kitchen Category and the Mystery/Crime Challenge.
Pages: 305

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