Thursday, February 14, 2013

Buried Diamonds by April Henry

I selected this book for the Monthly Key Word Challenge and since it is a mystery it also qualifies for the Mystery/Crime Challenge.  I can add it to the A-Z Mystery Author Challenge but I have an H already.  It is the Mystery entry on the Genre Variety Challenge.

I have never read anything by April Henry before. I will getting some of her other books! I really liked this book.  The mystery was entertaining without being heavy.  Claire was not some nosy old lady or someone that only cared about finding the killer which was refreshing.

I enjoyed the vanity license plates at the beginning of each chapter.  At one time Claire worked for the state of Oregon as a vanity license plate verifier.  Thank you April for adding the page at the end of the book telling the reader what each license plate "said". 

The Story: Claire is out jogging on her usual route.  She runs by a rock wall and sees something.  She stops to look and finds a diamond ring.  She runs up to the house on the property and finds out that the owners are away, but she does not tell the man she talked to about the ring.
She runs back to her house that she shares with and 81 year old Jewish woman who survived a concentration camp.  Claire show Charlie (Charlotte) the ring and she recognizes it.  The ring belonged to Elizabeth, her best friend in the early 1950's who committed suicide.  Finding the ring opens a HUGE can of worms!

The story bounces from the 50's and the present time and also flashes back to remembrances of the concentration camp Charlie was in.

Pages: 290

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