Monday, February 11, 2013

Dead As A Dinosaur by Frances and Richard Lockridge

I read this book for the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge for the category: 8. Dangerous Beasts: a book with an animal in the title (The Case of the Grinning Gorilla; The Canary Murder Case; etc.).

 Dr. Preson thinks someone is out to get him.  This person keeps putting ads in the newspaper for weird things like midgets and tree surgeons and sending them to his apartment.  Then his sister stops by his apartment, helps herself to some milk and gets an overdose of drugs that someone put in the milk.  She does not drink enough to really hurt her. He has called the police several times but they don't really take him seriously.  Jerry North is going to publish a book for him through his firm.  Jerry and his wife, Pam are wondering just what is going on with Dr. Preson. 
Dr. Preson dies and the police think he poisoned himself but Pam figures out just how he was poisoned.  Then Dr. Preson's uncle gets murdered.  Now the police are paying attention.  Who is doing this??

Pages:  318

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