Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fall For Anything by Courtney Summers

This is my selection in the genre of Teen Fiction for the 2013 Genre Variety Reading Challenge.

This story was so sad.  It made me cry a lot!! This book was very well written.  Courtney Summers website.

The Story: Eddie Reeves is a seventeen year old girl whose father has committed suicide.  He left a note  but it doesn't satisfy Eddie.  She goes to the warehouse where he died every night, trying to find any connection.  Her mother has totally shut down. Her best friend, Milo, doesn't seem to understand.  One night she meets her father's apprentice, Culler Evans.  They seem to connect and try to figure out why her father did this.

 An excerpt:
My hands are dying.
I keep trying to explain it to Milo, but he just looks at me like I’m crazy.
“They don’t feel warm–they haven’t.” I squeeze the tips of my fingers as hard as I can, which hurts. “They’re not numb, though…”
“Maybe you have that… Raynaud’s disease,” he says. He takes my right hand and studies my fingers. They seem healthy, pink. He shakes his head. “They’re not blue.”
“But they’re cold.”
“They feel warm to me.”
“They feel cold,” I insist.
“Okay, Eddie,” he says. “They’re cold.”
I jerk my hands from his and then I rub them together. Friction. Heat. Milo can say what he wants; they’re freezing. It’s the hottest summer Branford has seen in something like ten years, but I haven’t been able to get my hands to warm up since it happened.
I hold them up again. They don’t even look like my hands anymore. They don’t even look like anything that could belong to me, even though they’re clearly attached.
“They’re different” I tell him.
“Would you please put your hands down?” he asks. “Jesus.”
My hands have changed. I catch Milo looking at them sometimes, and I see it on his face that they’re different, no matter what he’s saying now.
We’re at the park, sitting on the picnic tables, watching a summer world go by. Kids play in the fountain with their parents. Pant legs are rolled up and big hands are holding on to tiny hands, keeping them steady against the rush of water. The smell of burgers and fries is in the air; food. It reminds me the fridge at home is empty and I have to go grocery shopping today or my mom and I will starve.
I don’t even know how long the fridge has been that empty but I noticed it today.  Read more here.

Pages: 230

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