Saturday, February 23, 2013

Green Darkness by Anya Seton

I should have saved this book for next month when it qualifies for the Monthly Key Word Challenge.  Key Word: Green....but I will find another! I will use this book for the 2013 Genre Variety Challenge as a Historical Fiction genre.
This is a story of reincarnation.  I loved this story.  When they are in the 1500's, the story visits real happenings within the Tudor family.  The story ends at Ightham Mote.

The Story:  Celia and Richard meet, fall in love and marry.  They return to his family home and settle in. Celia's mother meets Dr. Akananda and brings him to a weekend party at Celia and Richard's home.  Some of the people at the party go visit a haunted house (Ightham Mote) nearby.  That evening Celia and Richard act very weird during dinner.  Some of the guests change too. Celia and Richard fight and he almost kills her.  She is taken to the hospital.  Everyone at the hospital thinks she is dead but Dr. Akanandra thinks her soul is elsewhere.
Then the story changes to the 1500's and we meet another Celia and her love is a priest named Stephen who happens to be an ancestor of Richard's.  This Celia's story is told.  Every once in a while she hears voices calling to her but she knows it is not her they are calling to.
Eventually, the 20th century Celia awakes from her coma and returns home to Richard who also needs help from the good doctor.

Pages: 627

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