Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst

"Parkhurst treats the game show as an opportunity for the contestants to decide, as the producer asks of them, "What have you found?" The answer for readers: heart and wit to spare." —Publisher's Weekly

A scavenger hunt game show is the premise for this book about contestants on the show.  The show is called Lost and Found.  The contestants are given clues they must solve to find the items that they then carry throughout the hunt.  Their search takes them all around the world.

I really liked this book.  The story was different.  I liked how the characters were written.  The contestants stories were different, not the usual fare.  The book begins and ends with Laura and Cassie, the mother/daughter team in the game.  Cassie has just given birth to a baby girl in her bedroom ALL BY HERSELF.  Laura did not realize her daughter was pregnant.  Their story was so heartwarming.

I read this book for the What's in a Name Challenge.  The category is: A book with lost or found (or equivalent) in the title: The Book of Lost Fragrances, The World We Found, A Discovery of Witches.
Pages: 289

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