Monday, February 18, 2013

Robert B Parker's Ironhorse by Robert Knott

I loved Robert B. Parker's work.  Now other authors are continuing his series.  This book by Robert Knott, who also co-wrote the screenplay for the movie Appaloosa, was very good.

The Story: Virgil and Everett delivered a couple of fellows to Mexico and on their way back home on a train through the Indian territories.  Some men start robbing the train.  Virgil and Everett are marshalls and they start fighting back.  There are about 20 men involved in this heist and the train gets separated into 4 parts.  The bad guys take off with two young women as hostages.  The men go after them.

I also read this book to fulfill the genre - western for the 2013 Genre Variety Challenge.

An excerpt:
Virgil was sullen. Other than “yep” and “nope,” he hadn’t said much in the last few days. We crossed the Red River and entered the Indian Territories aboard the St. Louis & San Francisco Express out of Paris, Texas. At just past five o’clock in the afternoon, Virgil broke the silence.
“A good pointer don’t run through a covey,” Virgil said. I tipped my hat back and looked at him. He was gazing out the window, watching a line of thunderclouds spreading across the western skies. The St. Louis & San Fran Express was a new breed of train. It was the nicest we’d been on since we traveled up from Mexico, with automatic couplers, Westinghouse air brakes, and a powerful Baldwin ten- wheel engine capable of pulling twice as many cars as other locomotives. The fourth and fifth cars back were first- class
Pullman sleepers with goose- down beds and leaded-glass transom windows. The coaches were fancy, too, with luminous pressure lamps, mahogany luggage racks, tufted seats, velvet curtains, and silver- plated ashtrays.  More here.

Pages: 374

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