Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Country Life by Rachel Cusk

I read this book for the Monthly Key Word Challenge.  This February Key Word is life.

I don't know if I liked this book.  The story was weird.  The characters were weird. This book made me cry in places. I was not the only one to find it strange.  Read some of the comments on goodreads.  I did not care for the ending either.

The Story: Stella wants to get away from her life so she answers an ad for help with at a country house.  She is unprepared for this job and country life.  Sometimes it seems as she has no common sense, there is something missing.  But she is good to Martin, the teen in a wheelchair she is taking care of.  His family is also very strange, especially their interactions with each other.
You can read some here.

Reviews of this book are so varied.  Some thought it was the best thing they ever read and some have the opposite feeling.  I could not stop reading this book.....kind of like looking at a car accident and not being able to look away!

Pages: 342

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