Thursday, February 21, 2013

The White Devil by Justin Evans

I got this book because I found it under the mystery genre on goodreads.  I needed an author with the last name that starts with an "E" for the A-Z Mystery Author Challenge.
From the goodreads page.

But the mystery part of the story was a little thin.  I don't think it was a horror book.  It was not scary to me. So I am going to use this book for my 2013 Genre Variety Challenge.  The genre is Paranormal > Ghosts because it is a ghost story.  It is a very good ghost story.

The Story:  Andrew Taylor is sent to a prestigious boarding school in England for his senior year of high school because he got into trouble with drugs at his previous school.  He was expelled from school three weeks before graduation.  He lost all of his acceptances from college.  His father thinks if he did well at this school he would be able to get into a good college.
     He arrives at Harrow and gets a tour of the building, The Lot, that he will live in.  They are in the basement and he feels a chill and something a bit scary. But he ignores it and continues on.  A few days later he is told by a girl, Persephone, who is the daughter of a teacher at the school, that he resembles Lord Byron.  Lord Byron happened to be a student at this school years ago.  Persephone is the only girl to attend Harrow.
     Persephone gets Andrew to try out for a play about Byron that is being written by his housemaster, Fawkes.  The play is to be about the person that Byron loved most in his life.  Apparently Byron was a bit of a slut.  He was with men and women throughout his life. 
     Andrew finds a housemate dead.  He thinks he sees some white faced pasty gaunt looking man fleeing the scene.  Then he starts having dreams with this person.  This person does sexual things to him in the dreams. Andrew feels as if he is falling apart.  He tells Fawkes what is happening.  Andrew, Fawkes and Persephone get caught up in the play and somehow it figures in with what is happening to Andrew.  They must figure out what this is and save themselves and the school.

Pages: 366

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