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A Fool's Gold Christmas by Susan Mallery

This is a cute little romance set in Fool's Gold, CA.  Evie was a cheerleader for a NFL team and mowed down by a player and broke her leg.  She will never dance professionally again.  Her estranged family brings her to Fool's Gold to recuperate.  She gets a job at a local dance studio. The manager runs off with a man leaving her to figure out the Christmas show which is in five weeks.  With the help of Dante Jefferson, her brother's business partner, and the rest of the town she readies the production.  Along the way she falls for Dante, reunites with her family and puts on a stunning Christmas show.

If you are a fan of romances like Debbie Macomber, check out Susan Mallery's work.  You will like it.

An excerpt:

Chapter One
The sound of eight tiny reindeer had nothing on a half-dozen eight year-olds clog dancing, Dante Jefferson thought as he held the phone more closely to his ear.
"You'll have to repeat that," he yelled into the receiver. "I'm having trouble hearing you."
The steady thudding above his head paused briefly, then started up again.
"What's going on there?" Franklin asked, his voice barely audible over the banging that nearly kept time with the damned piano music. "Construction?"
"I wish," Dante muttered. "Look, I'll call you back in a couple of hours." The stupid dance class would be over by then, at least he hoped so.
"Sure. I'll be here." Franklin hung up.
Dante glanced at the bottom right of his computer screen. The ever-present clock told him it was 7:15. In the evening. Which meant it was 11:15 in the morning in Shanghai. He'd stayed late specifically to speak to Franklin about an international business deal that had developed a few glitches. The clog dancers had made the conversation impossible.
He saved the spreadsheet and went to work on his e-mail. He and his business partner had plenty of other projects that needed his attention.
Just before eight, he heard the clog dancers going down the stairs. They laughed and shrieked, obviously not worn out by an hour of misstepping practice. He, on the other hand, had a pounding pain right behind his eyes and the thought that he would cheerfully strangle Rafe first thing in the morning. His business partner had been the one to rent the temporary space. Either Rafe hadn't noticed or didn't care about the dance school parked directly above. The offices were in an older part of Fool's Gold and had been built long before the invention of soundproofing. Rafe didn't seem to mind the noise that started promptly at three every single afternoon and went well into the evening. Dante, on the other hand, was ready to beg the nearest judge for an injunction.
Now he got out of his chair and headed for the stairs. He made his way to the studio. He and whoever was in charge were going to have to come to terms. He had to spend the next couple of weeks working out the problems of the Shanghai deal. Which meant being access his computer, contracts and blueprints. Some of which he couldn't take home. He needed to able to use his phone, in his office, while speaking in a normal voice.
He paused outside the door that led to the studio. It was as old-fashioned as the rest of the building, with frosted glass and the name of the business—Dominique's School of Dance—written in fancy gold script. He pushed open the door and entered.
The reception area was utilitarian at best. There was a low desk, a computer that had been old five years ago, backless benches by the wall and several coat racks. He could see through into the studio itself—a square room with mirrors, a barre that was attached to the wall and, of course, hardwood floors. There wasn't a piano and he realized the endless, repetitive song that had driven him insane had come from a compact stereo.
He rubbed his temples and wished the pounding would stop, then walked purposefully into the studio. He was a cold-hearted, bastard lawyer, or so he'd been told endlessly by those he bested. He planned to reduce the dance instructor to a blob of fear, get her to agree to lay off with the dancing and then go back to his phone call. All in the next ten minutes.
"We have to talk," he announced as he came to a halt in the center of the room.  More here.

Pages: 315

I needed a romance book for my Genre Variety Challenge and then I realized that gold is a key word in the Monthly Key Word Challenge.!

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