Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

I started and discarded three books before I started the first Barsoom novel, A Princess of Mars. It was one of the books in this collection of three. More info here about the Barsoom series. I like science fiction books!!
Do you always finish the books you start?  Do you discard them if they bore you or you just can't get into the story?  I read two-third's of a book recently before I said to myself, "Why are you reading this boring book?"

The Story: John Carter is out in the Arizona desert prospecting for gold. Apaches are after him so he goes into a cave to get away from them.  Somehow he is transported to Mars. He is found by some green skinned natives called Tharks.  The people of Mars are very violent. John discovers that due to the lack of gravity he can do physical things easily.  He is also much stronger.  He fights a few men and becomes a chieftain of the Tharks.  
The Tharks capture a Red Martian woman, Dejah, who is a Princess of Helium.  Helium is a city.  John falls in love with her. They escape along with Sola, a friend, from the Tharks. Dejah and Sola get separated from John.  John gets captured by another tribe of Tharks. They are working with Zodanga, an enemy of Helium.  John get the Tharks to rise up against Zodanga and in the process he frees Dejah from her promised marriage to Sab Than.  They marry and live happily.
The old man that takes care of the machines that make air on the planet dies.  No one knows how to get inside the factory.  John does because he met up with the man at the factory after he, Sola and Dejah had escaped from the Tharks. John goes to the factory and opens the door for the people of Helium but he passes out just as they get inside.  He wakes up in the cave in Arizona.  He had been away for 10 years.

Have you seen the movie John Carter? The movie was based on this book. I really liked the movie.  I love Taylor Kitsch.  He's a good actor.

The Princess and John Carter

Pages: 249


Rachel Bradford said...

Last year, I read A Princess of Mars, and I was surprised at how much I liked it. I watched John Carter as well, and enjoyed it quite a bit. I know the movie got torn apart by critics, but I think it stayed pretty close to the spirit of the story - even if it had to make some changes to work on film.

jmisgro said...

I think the critics were expecting a kid's movie! The marketing was all wrong for John Carter too.