Friday, March 1, 2013

Alone by Loren D Estleman

How come I have never heard of this author? He's won tons of awards and written about 70 books.  I found him and will probably read everything of his I can. I needed an author for my A-Z Mystery Author Challenge that last name started with an E.

I liked this book.  If you like Sue Grafton, Stephen J. Cannell or John D. MacDonald you will like this author!

The Story:  Valentino is a film archivist.  He is fascinated by Greta Garbo.  He and his girlfriend, Harriet, go to a party to celebrate the 100th birthday of Garbo.  The host, Mr. Rankin, sees Harriet in her costume and faints because she looks just like Garbo.  Valentino was standing right there and keeps Rankin from falling on the floor.
Rankin is so grateful he asks Valentino to come over the next day to talk about some old footage of Garbo he owns.  When Valentino arrives at the house, he stumbles on a murder.  Apparently, Rankin has killed his assistant Akers because he is tired of the man's blackmail. Valentino gets involved in the investigation because Greta Garbo is involved.  Rankin's late wife was friends with Garbo and Akers had a love letter from Garbo to Rankin's wife.

I was stunned by the ending of this book.  It was not what I expected!

Pages: 268

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