Sunday, March 24, 2013

Black Valley by Jim Brown

I got this book for the Monthly Key Word Challenge 2013. Key Word: Valley

This is a really good book.  If you are a fan of Stephen King, you will like this one.  It is spooky, scary and scientific. One evening, a group of 5 high school boys bet the bad kid Whitey that he could not survive buried six feet under ground for an hour.  They gave him a radio and an oxygen supply.  The radio was not a radio. It had a cassette tape player in it.  Whitey heard the boys were in an accident and killed.  They weren't but it scared him.  When the boys went back to dig him up he was gone.  What happened?  Then the story jumps into the future.  Weird things start happening in Black Valley.  Really weird strange things but Dr. Dean Truman, a Nobel winner for physics, says science explains everything!

This reviewer liked it too.  There are for readers few pleasures that surpass picking up a novel and having one's expectations, however high they may be, simultaneously exceeded and turned upside down. 2003 has been a good year for such an experience, what with SMALL TOWN by Lawrence
Block and SHUTTER ISLAND by Dennis Lehane, among others. It is, however, an unexpected and welcome event to have a writer accomplish such a feat with a sophomore effort. This is precisely
what Jim Brown has done with BLACK VALLEY. 
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From Jim Brown's site: Film rights for BLACK VALLEY have gone to acclaimed writer and producer Stephen Susco, the screenwriter of “The Grudge” and “The Grudge II.”

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