Monday, March 4, 2013

Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey

I could not find the right photo on the internet so I took one.  I am confused by the title though.  Who is the daughter???  I was a little bored by this story because I have read book upon book about the War of the Roses and the Tudors.

This story is an investigation by Alan Grant, a Scotland Yard detective, into the deaths of  the nephews of Richard III.  Grant is in the hospital recovering from a fall through a trap door.  his friends bring him novels but he has no desire to read them.  His friend, Marta, knows him well enough to realize he needs to investigate something to feel like himself and start healing.  She brings him a portrait of Richard III and the investigation begins. 
This story places the blame on Henry VII for the deaths of the boys. I don't know if I believe that.  I think that their mother Elizabeth spirited them away and the boys that were taken to the Tower of London were not her sons.  Otherwise how could her daughter marry Henry.  Why did he then put Elizabeth into a nunnery for the rest of her life a year after his marriage to her daughter, Elizabeth?  I think he found out that the boys were imposters and wanted to know where the real boys were and she refused to play his game!

According to wikipedia..In 1990, The Daughter of Time was selected by the British-based Crime Writers' Association as the greatest mystery novel of all time.

Pages: 204

I am using this book for the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge 2013: Scattergories.  For the category: 5. Jolly Old England: one mystery set in Britain.

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