Monday, March 4, 2013

Full Blooded by Amanda Carlson

I saw this book in the new release section at the library and liked the cover.  I am glad I brought it home. I loved this book. It is a great story. The start of a series: Jessica McClain Book One.  There is a ebook available called Blooded A Jessica McClain novella.  If you like supernatural or werewolf books, try this one!
The Story: Jessica is from a werewolf family.  Her father is the Alpha of the pack.  Werewolves do not breed females anymore.  Jessica was always treated with suspicion growing up because of a prophecy about a female werewolf that will be evil and destroy all wolves.  After she went through puberty (when weres start shifting) and had not shifted, things changed a bit but she decided to leave the pack and live her human life. BUT seven years later, she shifted.  That is when all hell breaks loose and her life and the pack are in danger but from who?
This story has vampires, other weres and a goddess. I cannot wait for the next in the series, Hot Blooded!

Chapter One here. Here's an excerpt.

I drew in a ragged breath and tried hard to surface from one hell of a nightmare. “Jesus,” I moaned. Sweat slid down my face. My head was fuzzy. Was I dreaming? If I was, this dream hurt like a bitch.
Wait, dreams aren’t supposed to hurt.
Without warning my body seized again. Pain scorched through my veins like a bad sunburn, igniting every cell in its path. I clenched my teeth, trying hard to block the rush.
Then, as quickly as it struck, the pain disappeared.
The sudden loss of sensation jolted my brain awake and my eyes snapped open in the dark. This wasn’t a damn dream. I took a quick internal inventory of all my body parts. Everything tingled, but thankfully my limbs could move freely again. The weak green halo of my digital clock read 2:07 a.m. I’d only been asleep for a few hours. I rolled onto my side and swiped my sticky hair off my face. When my fingers came in contact with my skin, I gasped and snapped them away like a child who’d just touched a hot stove.
Holy shit, I’m on fire.
That couldn’t be right.
Don’t panic, Jess. Think logically.
I pressed the back of my hand against my forehead to get a better read on how badly I was burning up. Hot coals would’ve felt cooler than my skin.
I must be really sick.
Sickness was a rare event in my life, but it did happen. I wasn’t prone to illness, but I wasn’t immune to it either. My twin brother never got sick, but if the virus was strong enough I was susceptible.
I sat up, allowing my mind to linger for a brief moment on a very different explanation of my symptoms. That scenario would be impossible. Get a grip. You’re a twenty-six-year-old female. It’s never going to happen. It’s probably just the flu. There’s no need to—
Without so much as a breath of warning, another spasm of pain hit clear and bright. My body jerked backward as the force of it plowed through me, sending my head slamming into the bedframe, snapping the wooden slats like matchsticks. My back bowed and my arms lashed out, knocking my bedside table and everything on it to the ground. The explosion of my lamp as it struck the floor was lost beneath my bona fide girl scream. “Shiiiit!

Pages: 345

Goodreads puts this in the sub genre of Fantasy> Urban Fantasy.  I can use this for the 2013 Genre Variety Reading Challenge.

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