Saturday, March 2, 2013

McNally's Luck by Lawrence Sanders

The cover of this book puzzled me because the was no scuba diving or cars under water.  Weird!
I read this book for the Monthly Key Word Challenge. The key word is Luck.  I also do not have an author for "S" in the A-Z Mystery Author Challenge.

I enjoyed this book.  I loved the descriptions of Archy McNally's wardrobe! I want to see a puce colored linen beret. hehehe  This was a fun book.  It didn't get all bogged down with details.  I will be reading more from this author.

The Story:  Archy works for his father's law firm.  But he is not a lawyer.  He is an investigator.  A client calls.  His cat has been kidnapped!  Archy is on the case.  Then another client starts getting threatening letters saying she will die and how she will be killed.  Archy really likes this woman and wants to find the sender.  These two cases get intertwined and the outcome is unexpected!

Lawrence Sanders first book, The Anderson Tapes, was made into a movie starring Dyan Cannon and Sean Connery.  I love this movie.  I haven't seen it in ages but I saw that Christopher Walken is in it!  Gotta see it again!  I want to read the book too!

Sanders obit in the NY Times.

Pages: 319

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