Monday, March 25, 2013

Outlaw Mountain by J.A.Jance

I chose this book for my 2013 A-Z Mystery Author Challenge.  It also can be used for the Monthly Key Word Challenge.  Key Word: Mountain

Sheriff Brady and her team get caught up in a brother/sister argument about their mother's whereabouts.  Some boys steal the mother's car and get caught trying to take it into Mexico.  One of the boys leads the police to the place where they found the car.  They find her a little bit away. DEAD...At the same time, there are protesters at a building site where they say the forest needs to be protected.  The county commissioners blame the zoning officer.  A priest calls Sheriff Brady about a disabled man was left at a crafts fair they had over the weekend.  Joanna takes him with her and her boyfriend Butch says he will care for the man until his family is found.  Meanwhile Sheriff Brady's lovelife becomes public knowledge because her mother is angry she wasn't included in any decision.  All these stories and a few more keep the county police team quite busy trying to figure out just what is going on!
Great review here.
Read an excerpt here.
Pages: 373

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