Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plot It Yourself by Rex Stout

Synopsis from NeroWolfe site:

It was the most distinguished group ever to gather in Nero Wolfe's study: two of America's foremost novelists, a world-famous playwright, and the heads of three great publishing houses.    
Somebody, or maybe a league of somebodies, was accusing America's most celebrated living writers of plagiarism - and getting away with it.
Nero had never encountered a case like this before - until the first body was found. And no other investigator could have cracked it, for the solution rested on determining who had written what manuscript, and this required an uncanny eye for literary style.
With Nero tracking down nuances while Archie encounters more than his usual quota of cool-looking girls and much cooler corpses, with both of them up to their raised eyebrows in the world of bestsellers, smash hits, and the people columnists stay up to quote, Plot It Yourself is one of the freshest, liveliest, wittiest Rex Stout novel ever to challenge a reader. 

I just didn't get into this book. I have never read a Nero Wolfe book before.  It was all Archie run here and Archie run there.  After awhile I was getting a bit put off by Wolfe.  
Published: 1959
Pages: 194
I read this for the Vintage Mystery Reading Challenge 2013: Scattergories. I chose the category 4. Leave It to the Professionals: a book featuring cops, private eyes, secret service, professional spies, etc.

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