Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Steampunk : An Illustrated History of Fantastical Fiction, Fanciful Film and Other Victorian Visions by Brian J. Robb

This is a really cool book if you are into Steampunk.  Even if you aren't it has some fantastic photos. There are 9 chapters filled with great information. I got all kinds of ideas of books and authors to look for.

Description from the publisher: Steampunk is the hottest science fiction counterculture, alive in fantasy novels, films, arts and crafts, fashion, comic books, music, computer games, even architecture. Enter a world of Victorian technology, where steam power meets space travel. From Jules Verne and H. G. Wells to Alan Moore, Hayao Miyazaki, and Philip Pullman, the genre has captured imaginations around the globe. Here’s the first grand, illustrated history of the counterculture movement in a book fittingly stylish in its design, package, and artwork. From the fastest dirigible and steam-powered ray guns to fashionistas Lady Gaga and Alexander McQueen, the whole story of the gaslight romance is here.

 Cool photos!!

 My favorite chapter was 4. A Young Lady's Primer.  I loved the photos and the books he mentioned.  A lot of background on a few real life ladies mentioned or as characters in books.

 Love the airships!!

They give a shout out to Dr. Who.  

There was a photo of this Dr. Who and Sarah Jane.
But it was not this one...

Pages: 193

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