Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister

This is the first in the Aisling Grey, Guardian Series.  I liked Aisling.  She's a no nonsense gal.  Poor girl is out on her first job, delivering an object for her uncle.  She gets to the house where she is supposed to leave the object and the woman is dead.  The police show up right away.  Of course, she is a suspect.  Aisling meets Drake.  they are seriously attracted to each other.  But he may be dangerous.  Aisling gets caught in the middle of a political conflict in a supernatural world that she thought was not real!
The second book, Fire Me Up, is already on my list!

From the author's site:
Aisling finds her true calling when she travels to Paris to deliver a medieval object that is part of a set sought after for the power it wields.
There she meets the handsome Drake, a man who is not at all what he seems. Implicated in the circumstances of two murders, Aisling, the demon she summons for help (and subsequently can’t get rid of) named Jim, and Drake find themselves caught up in a web of lies and confusion that could well result in the demon lords of hell ruling the mortal world.

For an excerpt go here.
Pages: 342

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