Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Chill Rain in January by L.R. Wright

In 1986, LR Wright won the Edgar Award for Best Novel for The Suspect, which is the first Karl Alberg novel. This book is the third.  I will go back and read the first two.
I enjoyed this book.  It had a good story and the characters were interesting. Ramona leaves the nursing home she lives in.  She just wants to be free for awhile. Zoe is a strange woman.  Her brother, Benjamin, comes to her and asks for money. These two women end up on opposite sides of a murder.

Description from the author's page:
With A Chill Rain in January, Edgar Award-winning author L.R. Wright once again creates a marvelously crafted tale of evil and terror, played out against the deceptively tranquil backdrop of the Pacific coast town of Sechelt. In this, Karl Alberg's third case, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Staff Sergeant is called to the scene of a simple accident, only to find himself suddenly involved in the destinies of two very different women.
Zoe Strachan's life is arranged exactly as she wants it. She has a comfortable house, built to her own specifications, on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast: secluded, private, far away from the past she has left behind. Beautiful and enigmatic, Zoe has no friends and ­ seemingly ­ no family. Until her brother shows up one day to tell her that he's found her childhood diaries, and that unless she pays him what he needs to keep quiet, he will reveal the secret she thought was buried forever.
Ramona Orlitzki's life used to be arranged as she wanted it. She lived alone in her tidy cottage, went out for walks, kept up with the neighbours' gossip, and enjoyed her little nip of gin at the end of the day. But now she's been confined to the village nursing home and she doesn't like it a bit. So Ramona escapes and goes into hiding, living first in her own house with the shutters drawn, then, fearing discovery, in an old cabin on Zoe's property. It is a fateful decision.
Against his will, Karl Alberg finds himself being drawn deeper and deeper into these women's lives ­ to the detriment of his on-again, off-again relationship with the alluring librarian Cassandra Mitchell. And then suddenly he realizes the danger that lies ahead ­ a danger he must do everything to avert before it's too late.
L.R. Wright's first Karl Alberg novel, The Suspect, won the Edgar Allan Poe Award for best mystery novel and was hailed by critics as equal to the best fiction by P.D. James and Ruth Rendell. Its sequel, Sleep While I Sing, confirmed that reputation. A Chill Rain in January has all the rich characterization, the sure sense of place, and the swiftly paced storytelling of its predecessors, and is sure to win its author a host of ever more admiring ­ and enthralled ­ readers.

Pages: 273

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