Thursday, April 25, 2013

Bone Crossed by Patricia Briggs

This is the fourth Mercy Thompson book. It picks up right where Iron Kissed ends.  I like that about a series. Stefan is blinked right into Mercy's trailer right after her mother shows up to ask her why she had to read about her daughter in the newspaper.  Stefan says to Mercy, "Run! She knows." He has been tortured and left to die by Marsilia, the vampire master in that area.  Mercy killed a vampire without Marsilia's permission.  The wolves help Stefan to survive.  Then a knock on the door.  It's Amber, Mercy's college roommate.  She has a ghost and needs help. Everyone figures it would be good to get Mercy out of town, away from Marsilia.  There is only one vampire, John Blackwood, in Spokane so they figure Mercy is safe.
The first night at Amber's house they have company for dinner. Guess who it is? Blackwood.  Is Mercy safe? This when the story gets good!

Excerpt: Chapter 1

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I wasn’t pretty, but my hair was thick and brushed my shoulders. My skin was darker on my arms and face than it was on the rest of my body, but at least, thanks to my Blackfoot father, I’d never be pasty pale.
There were two stitches Samuel had put in the cut on my chin and the bruise on my shoulder (not extensive damage considering I’d been fighting something that liked to eat children and had knocked out a werewolf). The dark thread looked from some angles like the legs of a shiny, black spider. Aside from that slight damage, there was nothing wrong with my body. Karate and mechanicking kept me in good shape.
My soul was a lot more battered than my body, but I couldn’t see it in the mirror. Hopefully no one else could either. It’s invisible damage left me afraid to leave the bathroom and face Adam, who waited in my bedroom. Though I knew with absolute certainty that Adam wouldn’t do anything I didn’t want him to do -- and had wanted him to do for a long time.
I could ask him to leave. To give me more time. I stared at the woman in the mirror, but all she did was stare back.
I’d killed the man who’d raped me. Was I going to let him have this last victory? Let him destroy me as he’d intended?
“Mercy?” Adam didn’t have to raise his voice. He knew I could hear him.
“Careful,” I told him as I left off mirror-gazing and began pulling on clean underwear and an old T-shirt. “I have an ancient walking stick and I know how to use it.”
“The walking stick is lying across your bed,” he said.
When I came out of the bathroom, Adam was lying across my bed, too.
He wasn’t tall, but he didn’t need height to add to the impression he made. Wide cheek bones, a full, soft mouth topping a stubborn jaw all combined to a move-star beauty. When his eyes were open, they were a dark chocolate only a shade lighter than mine. His body was almost as pretty as his face -- though I knew he didn’t think of himself that way. He kept himself in shape because he was Alpha, and his body was a tool he used to keep his pack safe. He’d been a soldier before he was Changed and it was still there to see in the way he moved and the way he took charge. Read more here.

Pages: 309

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