Saturday, April 20, 2013

Darkness, My Old Friend by Lisa Unger

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I chose this book for my Monthly Key Word Challenge 2013. Key Word: Friend

The book starts with Kevin Carr.  There is something wrong with him.  I feel scared for his wife, Paula. Then we meet Eloise and Jones.  She's a psychic and he's a retired cop. She sees him drowning while trying to save a girl.  Eloise is unhappy.  Jones is unhappy.  Next we meet Willow, a teenager who recently moved from NYC to The Hollows.  She is also unhappy and is trying to find her way.  She runs away from school one afternoon and hears a strange noise in the woods.  She follows the sound and sees a man digging a hole. She thinks he is trying bury a body. He looks at her and she gets scared and runs away.  She drops her cell phone.  He finds it and returns it to her mother, Bethany.  His name is Michael Holt.  Michael tells Bethany that is trying to find the body of his mother who disappeared years ago.  All these characters come together in the story about the search for Marla Holt.

Synopsis from Unger's site:

After giving up his post at The Hollows Police Department, Jones Cooper is at loose ends.  He is having trouble facing a horrible event from the past, and finding a second act. He’s in therapy.  Then, on a brisk October morning, he has a visitor.  Eloise Montgomery, the psychic who plays a key role in FRAGILE, comes to him with predictions about his future, some of them dire.
Michael Holt, a young man who grew up in The Hollows, has returned looking for answers about his mother who went missing many years earlier.  He has hired local PI Ray Muldune and psychic Eloise Montgomery to help him solve the mystery that has haunted him.  What he finds might be his undoing.
Fifteen year old Willow Graves is exiled to The Hollows from Manhattan when six months earlier she moved to the quiet town with her novelist mother after a bitter divorce.  Willow is acting out, spending time with kids that bring out the worst in her.  And when things get hard, she has a tendency to run away – a predilection that might lead her to dark places.
Set in The Hollows, the backdrop for Fragile, this is the riveting story of lives set on a collision course with devastating consequences. The result is Lisa Unger’s most compelling fiction to date.

Pages: 360

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