Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Half Past Nun by Monica Quill

I needed an author with the last name starting with a "Q" for the A-Z Mystery Author Challenge. I found this one through the internet.  Monica Quill is a pseudonym for Ralph McInerny, of the Father Dowling mysteries.

I did not like this book.  If I did not need it for my challenge I would not have finished it.  I was bored and could not get into the story.  I felt like things were repeated unnecessarily and clues were left out. 

Description from Booklist on amazon:

Wily octogenarian Sister Mary Teresa continues to dispense sensible advice and unravel mysteries with scholarly precision. While struggling to breathe new life into the moribund Order of Martha and Mary, Sister Mary Teresa also finds time to assist Lieutenant Richard Moriarity of the Chicago Police Department in solving a gruesome series of homicides perpetrated by a vicious stalker. Without ever leaving the comfortable confines of her Walton Street convent, she manages to link the unfortunate victims to a long-defunct classics club that included several of her former pupils as members. A cleverly crafted caper that reaches back in time to unveil a festering motive for murder. Entertaining fare for armchair detectives. Margaret Flanagan

Pages: 198

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