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Hunting Ground by Patricia Briggs

This is the second Alpha and Omega book featuring Charles and Anna Cornick.  Bran, Charles' father, send them to Seattle to a conference about the werewolves coming out to the public.  The wolves in Europe have sent delegates. Anna upsets some of the other Alphas.  Charles sends her off to shop with Tom and his witch wife, Moira.  Some vampires attack them.  They manage to kill 2 and drive the others off but tom gets hurt. What is going on?  What else will happen?

I am sad. I only have a few more of Patricia Briggs' wolf books to read!

Excerpt:  Chapter One

She observed him from her chosen cover, as she’d done twice before. The first two times he’d been chopping wood, but today, after a heavy snowfall appropriate for the third week of December, he was shoveling the sidewalk. Today was the day she’d take him.
Heart in her mouth, she watched as he cleared the snow with carefully controlled violence. Every movement was exactly the same as the one before. Each slide of the shovel was strictly parallel to previous marks. And in his fierce control, she saw his rage, tamped and contained by will alone — like a pipe bomb.
Flattening herself and breathing lightly so he wouldn’t see her, she considered how she would do it. From behind, she thought, as fast as possible, to give him no time to react. One quick movement and it would all be over — if she didn’t lose her courage, as she had the first two times.
Something told her that it had to be today, that she wouldn’t get a fourth opportunity. He was wary and disciplined — and if he weren’t so angry, surely his senses,werewolf sharp, would have discovered her hiding place in the snow beneath the fir trees lining his front yard.
She shook with the stress of what she planned. Ambush. Weak and cowardly, but it was the only way she could take him. And it needed to be done, because it was only a matter of time before he lost the control that kept him shoveling to a steady beat while the wolf raged inside him. And when his control failed, people would die.
Dangerous. He could be so fast. If she screwed this up, he could kill her. She had to trust that her own werewolf reflexes were up to this. It needed to be done.
Resolution gave her strength. It would be today.
Charles heard the SUV, but he didn’t look up.
He’d turned off his cell and continued to ignore the cool voice of his father in his head until it went away. There was no one who lived near him on the snow-packed mountain road — so the SUV was just the next step in his father’s determination to make him toe the line.
“Hey, Chief.”
It was a new wolf, Robert, sent here to the Aspen Creek Pack by his own Alpha because of his lack of control. Sometimes the Marrok could help; other times he just had to clean up the mess. If Robert couldn’t learn discipline, it would probably be Charles’s job to dispose of him. If Robert didn’t learn manners, the disposal job wouldn’t bother Charles as much as it should.
That Bran had sent Robert to deliver his message told Charles just how furious his da was.
“Chief!” The man didn’t even bother getting out of the car. There weren’t many people Charles extended the privilegeof calling him anything but his given name, and this pup wasn’t one of them.
Charles stopped shoveling and looked at the other wolf, let him see just what he was messing with. The man lost his grin, paled, and dropped his eyes instantly, his heart making the big blood vessel in his neck throb with sudden fear.
Charles felt petty. And he resented it, resented his pettiness and the roiling anger that caused it. Inside him Brother Wolf smelled Robert’s weakness and liked it. The stress of defying the Marrok, his Alpha, had left Brother Wolf wanting blood. Robert’s would do.
“I . . . ah.”
Charles didn’t say anything. Let the fool work for it. He lowered his eyelids and watched the man squirm some more. The scent of his fear pleased Brother Wolf — and made Charles feel a little sick at the same time. Usually, he and Brother Wolf were in better harmony — or maybe the real problem was that he wanted to kill someone, too.
“The Marrok wants to see you.”
Charles waited a full minute, knowing how long that time would seem to his father’s message boy. “That’s it?”
“Yes, sir.”
That “sir” was a far cry from “Hey, Chief.”
“Tell him I’ll come after my walk is cleared.” And he went back to work. Read more here.

Pages: 286

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