Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs

Iron Kissed is the third Mercy Thompson novel.  Mercy is asked by Zee to help in a series of murders on the Fae Reservation.  Mercy investigates in her coyote form and gives Uncle Mike and Zee a clue.  they head out to interview this person and Zee gets taken by the police for murder.  Mercy wants, no needs to get his freedom.  The Grey Lords decide to let him take the rap to protect the fae.  But Mercy does not stop. She gets the wolves involved.  Eventually, the murderer is caught. Zee is set free.  But will Mercy survive the fae?


Chapter 1

"A cowboy, a lawyer and a mechanic watched Queen of the Damned," I murmured.
Warren -- who had once, a long time ago, been a cowboy -- snickered and wiggled his bare feet. "It could be the beginning of either a bad joke or a horror story."
"No," said Kyle the lawyer, whose gorgeous head was propped up on my thigh. "If you want a horror story you have to start out with a werewolf, his gorgeous lover and a walker . . ."
Warren, the werewolf, laughed and shook his head. "Too confusing. Not many people still remember what a walker is."
Mostly they just confused us with Skinwalkers. Since walkers and Skinwalkers are both Native American magical creatures, I can sort of understand it. Especially since I'm pretty sure the walker label came from some dumb white person who couldn't tell the difference.
But I'm not a Skinwalker. First of all, I'm from the wrong tribe. My father had been Blackfoot, from a northern Montana tribe and Skinwalkers came from the southwestern tribes, mostly Hopi or Navajo.
Secondly, Skinwalkers have to wear the skin of the animal they change into, usually a coyote or wolf, but they cannot change their eyes. They are evil mages who bring disease and death wherever they go.
When I change into a coyote, I don't need a skin or -- I glanced down at Warren, once a cowboy and now a werewolf -- the moon. When I am a coyote, I look just like every other coyote. Pretty much harmless, really, as far down the power scale of the magical critters that lived in the state of Washington as it was possible to get. Which is one of the things that used to help keep me safe. I just wasn't worth bothering about. That had been changing over the past year. Not that I'd grown anymore powerful, but I'd started doing things that drew attention. When the vampires figured out that I'd killed not one, but two of their own . . . Read more here.

Pages: 287

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