Saturday, April 27, 2013

Secret Smile by Nicci French

I got this book for my Monthly Key Word Challenge 2013. The Key Word is Secret.

Miranda has been dating Brendan for maybe a week.  There is something about him that makes her squirm.  She comes home from work and he's in her apartment.  AND he's reading her childhood diary.  That's the last straw.  She tells him it's over.  Get out of her life.  A couple of weeks later, her sister calls and wants to meet.  Kerry tells her she's dating Brendan.  What??  Miranda doesn't really care.  Brendan has told her family that he broke up with her, instead of the truth.  Everything starts to go downhill from there.  Her family treats her like she has down something wrong.  Kerry and Brendan end up living in Miranda's apartment because theirs is not ready yet.  I don't want to give the rest away.

While I was reading this, I am thinking this is so familiar.  So after I finished it, I looked on imdb.  There it is ...the movie that put me off of David Tennant.  It took me a long while to forget the character of Brendan and love him as Dr. Who!

From the author's site:
You have an affair.
You finish it.
You think it’s over.
You’re dead wrong . . .
Miranda Cotton thinks she’s put boyfriend Brendan out of her life for good. But two weeks later, he’s intimately involved with her sister. Soon what began as an embarrassment becomes threatening – then even more terrifying than a girl’s worst nightmare. Because this time Brendan will stop at nothing to be part of Miranda’s life – even if it means taking it from her . . .

  •  “This is a winner – a brilliant piece of characterization”
    Daily Mirror
    Read an excerpt here
    Pages: 308

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