Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Snake in the Glass by Sarah Atwell

This is the third in the Glassblowing Mystery series. This is funny though.  It takes up right where the first one left off.  I have not read the second book.
Em has just come back from her trip to Ireland with Allison.  Allison decided to stay there indefinitely.  She leaves it to Em to tell Cam, her brother. When Em catches up with Cam, the next day he gets very upset with Allison and Em for delivering the news.  He says he needs time alone.  He has a small job to do for someone before starting his new job the next week.  Cam has moved from San Diego to Tuscon just to be with Allison. Allison's uncle Frank comes to Tuscon from Ireland the next day.
Meanwhile, Denis has come in the shop wanting to rent studio time from Em to use the kiln to heat treat some gems.  He seems weird but Em rents time to him.  He comes and goes through the next week.  He is really strange.
No one has heard from Cam.  Em is starting to get worried.  He has been gone almost a week.  Allison comes home from Ireland and also leaves messages for Cam but hears nothing.  Then Denis mentions Cam and Em gets really worried. She files a missing persons report with Matt, her police chief boyfriend.  Has Cam gotten mixed up in Denis's schemes?  Just what is going on?

For an excerpt, click here.

Pages: 412

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