Saturday, April 27, 2013

Whispers at Midnight by Karen Robards

Carly Linton is hell-bent on starting over. After a bruising divorce, she moves back to her tiny hometown of Benton, Georgia, to start up a bed-and-breakfast in the old house she inherited from her grandmother. The whole town remembers her as the proverbial good girl, but Carly is tired of being good-she's ready to walk on the wide side, and she knows exactly where she wants to start.

Matt Converse, the town's former bad boy, is now the local sheriff and a pillar of the community. But he hasn't forgotten his wild days, or the magical night of the senior prom he shared with Carly years ago. When Carly's dog unearths a dead body on her property, Matt is forced to spend time there, and Carly decides to use her newfound wiles to seduce him. But when someone breaks into Carly's house and tries to take her away, Matt is the only person who can protect her from a mysterious enemy who's making it all too clear that Carly should never have come back to Benton.
from the author's site....

"Readers should be advised to start reading when they have a large block of time available because no one will want to stop reading Robards' steamy novel until the last page is turned."

I really liked this story...some murder, some romance.  Who is the killer?  I figured it out pretty early in the story. Matt and Carly were meant for each other.  Read an excerpt here.

Pages: 394

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