Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Death Will Help You Leave Him by Elizabeth Zelvin

I found this book to fufill the "Z" author for the 2013 A-Z Mystery Author Challenge. It was a challenge to find an author of mysteries that started with a "Z"!

From the author's site:
Recovering alcoholic Bruce Kohler and his friends, Jimmy the computer genius and Barbara the addictions counselor and world-class codependent, face murder and new challenges in recovery. Barbara's Al-Anon sponsee is the prime suspect when her abusive boyfriend, just out of rehab and maybe still dealing drugs, is found dead in her apartment in East Harlem. Bruce has to juggle sleuthing, sobriety, a crush on the bereaved girlfriend, and the lure of his compelling but self-destructive ex-wife, who's on her own collision course. The investigation takes Bruce and his friends to a funeral in Brooklyn, an Italian bakery, an upscale lingerie boutique, a SoHo art gallery, and the church basements of AA on the killer's trail.

This was an interesting story due to the fact that it involved recovering addicts.  It's a different angle on snoops! Barbara gets a call from Luz.  She found her boyfriend, Frankie, dead in her apartment and the police think she did it.  Barbara, Jimmy and Bruce go to her rescue!  Barbara knows Luz did not do it and wants to find out who did to help her.  They try to meet as many of the people in Frankie's life as they can to figure out who did it! Frankie had a lot of interesting people in his life with his drug dealing and Italian family in Bensonhurst.

Pages: 275

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