Sunday, May 5, 2013

FIRE ME UP by Katie MacAlister

This is the second in the Aisling Grey, Guardian, Novels.
From Goodreads: Aisling Grey is back-and in more trouble than ever. She thought being a courier would be easy. It's not. She thought being a Guardian would come naturally. It doesn't. She thought she could get out of being a wyvern's mate. She can't. And she never thought she'd be irresistible to men. But she is.

Aisling goes to Budapest to deliver an amulet. She combines it with a GOTDAM convention so she can find a mentor so she can learn about being a Guardian. She arrives at the airport and see Drake.  What is he doing there.  She and Jim, her demon in a dog form, get into a taxi and guess who is driving?  Rene. He's helping out his cousin who is sick. Aisling gets to the hotel and sees Drake again. Then she starts getting attacked by men.  They are on her like a dog in heat.  She starts interviewing with guardians and 2 get killed.  Now she has to figure out who is killing them so she won't go to jail AGAIN!

Read an excerpt here.

Pages: 360

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