Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Monthly Key Words

These are the key words for May in the Monthly Key Word Challenge 2013.  I have decided to do the same thing I did last month.  I will make a list of the books that I find at the library and challenge myself to see how many I can read! My choices are underlined. Click on the link to read the posts.  The catalog at my library was down most of the month so I hope I read read more than a couple.

Nine for this month!!

The Tea-Olive Bird Watching Society : a novel / Augusta Trobaugh
The lost bird / by Margaret Coel
No birds sing / by Jo Bannister. 
The crocodile bird / Ruth Rendell.
Bird in hand / Christina Baker Kline.
Dating Big Bird / Laura Zigman 
The wingless bird / Catherine Cookson 
The spectator bird / Wallace Stegner.
The Bird sisters : a novel / Rebecca Rasmussen.

Shine / by Lauren Myracle.
Shine / Jeri Smith-Ready.
Shine shine shine / Lydia Netzer.
McKnight in shining armor / Tami Hoag.
The long-shining waters / Danielle Sosin.
The shining badge / by Gilbert Morris.
The shining city / Kate Forsyth.
In shining whatever : a three magic words romance / Carolyn Brown.       

Laugh lines / Holly Jacobs.
Laughed 'til he died : a death on demand mystery / Carolyn Hart.
Die laughing : a Daisy Dalrymple mystery / Carola Dunn. 
No laughing matter / Dorothy Simpson.
The laughing place / Pam Durban.
Love came laughing by / Emilie Loring.



Code name: bikini / Christina Skye.

Code name : baby / Christina Skye.
Code name: Blondie / Christina Skye.
A gentleman by any other name / Kasey Michaels.
Let the Northern Lights erase your name : a novel / Vendela Vida.
My name is Mary Sutter / Robin Oliveira.
A name of her own / Jane Kirkpatrick.
Name withheld : a J.P. Beaumont mystery / J.A. Jance.
What's in a name / Karen Frisch.

Run by Ann Patchett
Born to run : a novel of suspense / James Grippando.
Buckskin run / Louis L'Amour.
Bump and run / Mike Lupica.
Coal Run : a novel / Tawni O'Dell.
Cut and run / Ridley Pearson.
Dead run / Erica Spindler.
On the run / Iris Johansen.      

The shattered shell / Brendan DuBois
Shattered by Karen Robards

Lost island [by] Phyllis A. Whitney.
The lost wife / Alyson Richman.
Lost dogs and lonely hearts / Lucy Dillon.
The keeper of lost causes / Jussi Adler-Olsen ; translated by Lisa Hartford.
Indian Wood : a mystery of the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island / Richard Folsom.    
Lost by Joy Fielding 
Wings of fire / Charles Todd.
Wings of fire / Dale Brown.
After the wreck, I picked myself up, spread my wings, and flew away / Joyce Carol Oates.

The bishop in the West Wing : a Blackie Ryan story / Andrew M. Greeley
On a wing and a prayer / Katherine Valentine.
Broken wings / Terri Blackstock.
On hummingbird wings / by Lauraine Snelling.
On wings of the morning / Marie Bostwick. 
Victoria in the wings / Jean Plaidy. 


As the world churns : a Pennsylvania Dutch mystery with recipes / Tamar Myers.
Dead to the world / Charlaine Harris.
The grace that keeps this world : a novel / Tom Bailey.
Heart of the world / Linda Barnes
Heir to the glimmering world / Cynthia Ozick.
Kissing games of the world : a novel / Sandi Kahn Shelton
Leaving the world : a novel / Douglas Kennedy.
The Whole World Over by Julia Glass

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