Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wild Blue Under by Judi Fennell

I chose this book because I need titles with words that start with a "U" for the Monthly Mix-Up Mania Challenge.  It is the typical romance type book with a twist.  Rod is the Heir to Atlantis, the underwater Mer Kingdom.  He is searching for Valerie, whose father was also a Mer. Valerie does not know about her father.  Rod needs to bring Valerie to Atlantis to fulfill The Prophesy.  Along they way, their lives are threatened and they fall in love, of course.

Description from the author's site:
Rod Tritone, heir to the throne of the undersea world, needs a queen capable of ruling the oldest kingdom on earth. Someone regal, learned and of noble birth. Problem is, the only eligible noble-born Mer princess is half-Human - and she doesn't have a clue about the non-Human part.
Valerie Dumere has screwed up her life at every turn, so when her mother dies and leaves her the family business, Val realizes it's up to her to buckle down and get her life on track. No more excuses.
 So when a guy shows up claiming to be her destiny, she scoffs. No way. She isn't running away from her responsibilities ever again - no matter how good the guy looks without a shirt. But Rod isn't going away. He can't claim his inheritance without her - and Val will lose hers if she goes with him.
       It's going to take one whale of a tale to get her to chuck it all and follow him off into the wild blue under...       

Click here for an excerpt.

Pages: 376

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