Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Key Words

Here are the key words for June in the Monthly Key Word Challenge.  You only have to read one book whose title includes one or more of the key words for that month. I read 9 books last month (May)... wonder if I can beat that this month!! My selections will have links to the reviews.


The shivering sands by Holt, Victoria
The sand castle by Brown, Rita Mae
The shape of sand by Eccles, Marjorie
The language of sand : a novel by Block, Brett Ellen
Sand sharks by Maron, Margaret
Castles in the sand by John, Sally


Midnight sun by Martin, Kat.
Midnight sun by Campbell, Ramsey
Season of the sun by Coulter, Catherine
Green city in the sun by Wood, Barbara.
The other side of the sun by L'Engle, Madeleine
Jewels of the sun by Roberts, Nora


Beach roses by Stone, Jean.
Beach girls by Rice, Luanne
Beach road by Patterson, James
Murder at Wrightsville Beach by Hunter, Ellen Elizabeth.
Beach house memories by Monroe, Mary Alice.
Beach trip : a novel by Holton, Cathy
On Folly Beach by White, Karen


The island : a novel by Hilderbrand, Elin.
The island by Benchley, Peter
The island by Hislop, Victoria
Island apart by Raichlen, Steven. Read this one last year - very good!
Rhode Island blues by Weldon, Fay
Plum Island by DeMille, Nelson
Summer Island by Hannah, Kristin
The Island by Heather Graham


A country called home by Barnes, Kim
An Irish country courtship by Taylor, Patrick
An Irish country wedding by Taylor, Patrick
Ghost country by Paretsky, Sara
Low country by Siddons, Anne Rivers
A French country murder : a novel by Steiner, Peter
The summer country by Hetley, James A.


Sea change by White, Karen
Sea Gypsy by Michaels, Fern.
Sea music by MacDonald, Sara
The sea garden by Llewellyn, Sam
The sea king's daughter by Michaels, Barbara
Taming a sea-horse by Parker, Robert B.


Fly away home : a novel by Weiner, Jennifer
When sparks fly by Dawn, Autumn
Blow fly by Cornwell, Patricia Daniels
Sparks fly by MacAlister, Katie
Fly Away by Kristin Hannah


Away : a novel by Bloom, Amy
From away by Carkeet, David.
Hide yourself away by Clark, Mary Jane Behrends
A world away by O'Nan, Stewart
One scream away by Brady, Kate  read this one last year - good!
Home away from home by Cook, Lorna J.
So far away : a novel by Moore, Meg Mitchell
Never look away : a thriller by Barclay, Linwood
Away with the fairies : a Phryne Fisher mystery by Greenwood, Kerry


Never change by Berg, Elizabeth
Never Street by Estleman, Loren D.
Never enough by Robbins, Harold
Never been bit by Dare, Lydia
Never tell a lie by Ephron, Hallie
Never let me go by Ishiguro, Kazuo
Never cry wolf by Eden, Cynthia
Happy never after by Trocheck, Kathy Hogan
Time travelers never die by McDevitt, Jack


Far from the tree by DeBerry, Virginia and Donna Grant
A far cry from Kensington by Spark, Muriel
The far side of the sky by Kalla, Daniel
Lord of the far island by Holt, Victoria
Gone too far by Brockmann, Suzanne

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