Sunday, June 2, 2013

Lord of Far Island by Victoria Holt

From the publisher:
The past is never far behind.…

Ellen Kellaway, orphaned at age five, was raised by wealthy cousins, but was never allowed to forget that her every advantage was owed to the charity of others.  However, when the son of a powerful London family asks for her hand in marriage, her world is opened up to untold wealth and social position. She never imagined that such an unlikely dream would come true.
Despite these wonderful new developments in her life, Ellen continues to be wracked by the bad dreams that have haunted her since childhood.  What is the meaning of the lifelong nightmare—the image of an unfamiliar room, a door opening and behind it a dreadful presence? Perhaps it is a message urging her to uncover the secrets of her long-lost family—the secrets of the ancient home of the Kellaways on the Far Island, off the wild coast of Cornwall.

Excerpt here.

She is Poor Ellen.....constantly reminded by cousin Agatha. Her mother left her father when she was three.  Then her mother dies a couple of years later and left in her grandmother's care.  Grandmother gets sick a couple of years after that and leaves her to Cousin Agatha.  Ellen grows up and rich Phillip asks to marry her.  A week before the wedding he commits suicide.  Why? He seemed happy.  Cousin Agatha is sending her away to be a governess.  Ellen receives a letter from her long lost family on Far Island.  She goes to visit them and realizes she has already met her cousin Jago in London.  She loves her life on the island.  Jago wants to marry her.  But something does not seems right.  He takes her to a wise woman.  The woman tells her she has two men to choose from; one will lead to happiness and the other leads to trouble.  Which one is Jago who wants to marry her?

Pages: 329

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