Monday, June 3, 2013

Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

This is the second in the Lunar Chronicles. Scarlet Benoit wears a red hoodie! Guess who she is?  She lives on a farm with her grandmother, Michelle.  Michelle has been kidnapped. She's been gone a few weeks. Scarlet meets Wolf who has decided to help her find her grandmother.  Meanwhile Cinder (from book one) is in jail.  A doctor upgrades some of her cyborg parts and it helps her to escape. She meets the Captain on the way out of jail. They manage to get to his ship.
Scarlet finds out that Wolf's old pack has her grandmother because she knows something about the Princess Selene from the moon. They manage to find her grandmother in time and meet up with Cinder and the Captain and try to realize just what is actually going on!

I enjoyed this book very much. I am struggling with just what genre this book is.  Does it really belong in the steampunk subgenre? Don't know.....

More here and an excerpt also.
Pages: 452

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