Friday, November 15, 2013

Duncan Kinkaid / Gemma James Reading Challenge

I love the series by Deborah Crombie featuring Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James.  This mystery series features police officers in England in the present day. There currently 15 books in the series.

I have read the first 4 books and the 14th but I want to read the rest. Sometimes I put aside the books I want to read for reading books for my challenges.  If I make these a challenge, I will read them!
Join me in this challenge.  Here are a list of these books.

  1. Challenge runs from January 1, 2014 until December 31, 2014.
  2. Read in any format -  e-books, physical books, audio books.  
  3. Re-reads are allowed.
  4. Crossovers welcome!
  5. You don't have to be a blogger to participate - just comment on this post and I will add your name.
  6. Read them in any order you wish.
  7. You may join the challenge at any time. Just use the sign up link or leave a comment.
  8. Choose your level at sign up. You can raise your level, if you wish!

Primer: 1-4 books
Peruser: 5-9 books
Bookworm: 10-14 books
Scholar - all 15 books

Please add your links or Wrap Up Post in the comments.


Deb said...

I've been intending to reread my series from the beginning for years--it's very hard to do when you are always writing a new book.

Thanks for giving me a push, JoAnne. I'm looking forward to it, and I hope everyone else will enjoy the books!

Susan said...

I couldn't pass up a challenge like this. It will be totally re-reads for me. I discovered this series about ten years ago and went back and read the existing ones, then have devoured each new one as it appeared. It will be like visiting family to go back and review the tale of Duncan and Gemma's lives.

Lynette Carter said...

How do I sign up without a URL?

dmct said...

I have already done this....when is the next one? <3

jmisgro said...

@Deb and Susan, thanks for joining!
@Lynette, if you don't have a blog you can leave a comment about the books you read on this post!

Sherry DeBorde said...

It's funny about the timing...I have been collecting the books for awhile, but have never read them all. Recently, decided to go back and read all in order. So far, have finished first 3. I will be doing the challenge to finish the rest. Love the books! and have recommended one to my book club!

Patricia Dodsworth said...

Would like to take the challenge but don't have a URL. Won't let me register with just my name.

jmisgro said...

Welcome Barbara!
Susan and Patricia I started a list of those who don't have a blog.
Thanks for choosing this challenge!

Susan said...

Wanted to mention that I just finished the primer level and am moving on to peruser. I have been posting a review of sorts of each as I finish on my blog.

Thanks for issuing this fun challenge!

jmisgro said...

Way to go Susan....I must get another book to read for this challenge!

Susan said...

I just finished Dreaming of the Bones and was reminded how very much I loved it! Not to be immodest or anything, but I also think my review of it is an improvement over my previous efforts. I'd welcome your comments at

Susan said...

I also frequently pass over books I'd like to read, in favor of books to read for challenges - so this challenge is perfect for me. I have been planning to read the series for a long time. Love British police procedurals.

jmisgro said...

I will not be renewing the links since this challenge seemed to be abandon by so many.

I just read 9 and 10.

jmisgro said...

jmisgro said...

only 3 to go!!

jmisgro said...

jmisgro said...

jmisgro said...


I cannot wait for the next installment.