Friday, November 8, 2013

The Last Universe by William Sleator

I really liked this story about 14 year old Susan. Her family lives on this large property. It has been in her father's family for generations. Her brother Gary is sick.  It's her job to take him outside everyday.  Susan has a hard time pushing the wheelchair on the path through the property but she does it.  Gary never paid much attention to her before he got sick. Now she feels like his nursemaid.  One day Susan notices the property is changing.  Gary is changing.  He is different when they are outside. What is happening to them?

From Amulet books:
Sleator's most diabolical science-fiction novel in a decade William Sleator, author of such classics as House of Stairs, Strange Attractors, Interstellar Pig, and Singularity, explores the strange, fascinating quantum world in this gothic sci-fi thriller. From their isolated house, fourteen-year-old Susan and her wheelchair-bound brother, Gary, venture daily into the tangled, sprawling garden planted by their late uncle and tended by a mysterious gardener. Overgrown with impossibly large plants and exotic flowers, the garden holds at its heart a hedge maze that hides a quantum secret, outside the laws of the macro world. And Susan and Gary may not return from the labyrinth unchanged.

Another summary from the same site:
n this gothic, sci-fi thriller from a master storyteller, Susan and her wheelchair-bound brother, Gary, discover a mysterious maze in the vast gardens of their isolated home. Planted by a scientist uncle who disappeared long ago, the maze offers seemingly endless routes and choices. The teenagers discover that each turn they take alters their world in some way. Sickly Gary sees a chance to change his fate; Susan sees that they may both be lost forever. Sleator keeps readers guessing right up to the shocking ending. 

Pages: 215

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