Friday, November 29, 2013

The Nightmare Thief by Meg Gardiner

Ignore the screams. They’re just part of the game.

Autumn saw the alien-killer gun in Ritter’s hand, heard the “let’s play” snicker in his voice, and ran. The non-smile lingered on Ritter’s face. The speedboat bobbed in the cove, engine rumbling. A man in a ski mask was at the controls. Another was over the side and splashing through the water toward her. He too had some kind of gun in his hand, and was holding it high so as not to get it wet.
He waved. “Autumn. This way. I’ll cover you.”
She dashed for the water, her heart racing. She realized she was smiling. Grinning. She yelled, joyful.
The stout gunman pointed at Dustin. “You too.” He reached shore and swung into a stance: arms straight, gun pointed at the other people on the sand.
Autumn heard Peyton shout. Noah cried, “Come on.”
She looked over her shoulder. Three more masked people, swathed in black, had appeared behind them, armed, charging toward the beach.
Autumn Reiniger wants something special for her twenty-first birthday. She has the sports car, the apartment, and the private college. Now she wants excitement. She’s going to get it.
Daddy has signed up Autumn and her friends for the “ultimate urban reality” game: a simulated drug deal, jailbreak, kidnapping, and manhunt. The authorities know all about it.
That’s why they’re disregarding the cries for help. How convenient for a gang of players taking it to the next level. They’re playing for real. When forensic psychiatrist Jo Beckett and her partner, Gabe Quintana, are pulled into the game, the stakes are raised. After all, nobody wants to spoil Autumn’s fun. And nobody is leaving this party alive.

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I really liked this book.  It was full of action and drama.  Jo and Gabe are trying to figure out what happened to a lawyer who Jo suspected was murdered. As they get back from investigating the old crime scene, a limo stops by their parked truck. The bad guys have kidnapped a bunch of kids on an eighteenth birthday party. The bad guy make Jo and Gabe get into the car. After a few minutes, one of the boys make the car crash and they slide down the mountain.  How are they going to survive?  What the heck is going on and who are these bad guys?

Pages: 351
Published: 2011

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