Saturday, December 7, 2013

2014 Rewind Challenge Signup

I know I can’t be the only person out there that struggles with this: I’m always watching for the next great book, but feel like I may be missing something in the ones I don’t get to in time. So, in an effort to remedy this feeling, this challenge was born!
I’m challenging myself (and you) to slow down, rewind a little bit and get to those books that we wanted to read SO badly before they were released but somehow got lost in the shuffle.

The Rules

There aren’t many rules for this challenge…but to clarify things, here they are:
  • Books read for the challenge need to have been published before January 1, 2014, but read and reviewed between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014.
  • ARC’s and galleys received in 2013 for books that will be published in 2014 DO NOT count.
  • Books can be any format, any genre, and written for any age group – no restrictions!
  • Reviews can be posted wherever you feel comfortable – your blog, Goodreads, Amazon, etc. To enter your review into the monthly prize draw, you must link to your review.
  • Reviews do not have to be a certain length to be eligible.
  • You choose your own goals for this challenge! Please be sure to have your number somewhere on your goals post/page.

The Prizes

Each month, I will post a Rafflecopter where you can link up your reviews. The monthly prize will be a $10 gift card to a book retailer of the winner’s choice. There is a possibility of a grand-prize draw at the end of the year for all participants who completed their challenge.

Sign Up Here. June Link

I am going to choose 10 books (to start) that I marked on goodreads as Want To Read or books that I have bought and never read!

1. Gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson
2. Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
3. The Death of Santini by Pat Conroy
4. Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon
5. The Summer Girls by Mary Alice Monroe
6. The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty
7. The Affair by Colette Freedman
8. Dark Witch by Nora Roberts
9. All the Summer Girls by Meg Donohue
10. Deception Cove by Jayne Ann Krentz
11. Doing Hard Time by Stuart Woods
12. Unintended Consequences by Stuart Woods


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo-Anne! I'm Carolyn of 'RIEDEL Fascination'. You & I are drawn to the same activities and have been in the same circles. I had to ensure I let you know that 3 new themes have been launched... by me! :)

jmisgro said...

Carolyn, I have been looking at your challenges....trying to decide if they are for me! Thanks for letting me know!

Bree Clarkson said...

Thanks for joining in the challenge! Good luck with your goal...have fun!