Sunday, December 1, 2013

December's Key Words

Here are the key words for December in the Monthly Key Word Challenge.  You only have to read one book whose title includes one or more of the key words for that month.  These are some of books that are available from my library.  My selections will have links to the reviews. 

I read 14 books last month (November)... wonder how many I can read this month!! Fourteen is the most that I have read in one month in this challenge!


Princess's dragon by Trombley, Susan

Princess Charming by Heller, Jane

Princess Elizabeth's spy : a Maggie Hope novel by MacNeal, Susan Elia

The runaway princess by Browne, Hester

The Irish princess by Harper, Karen


With this ring by Quick, Amanda

The golden ring : a Christmas story by Snyder, John

Bloodring by Hunter, Faith

The deception of the emerald ring by Willig, Lauren

With this ring, I'm confused : an Ashley Stockingale novel by Billerbeck, Kristin


Road dogs by Leonard, Elmore

The road to Omaha by Ludlum, Robert

The road to Esmeralda by Nicholson, Joy

The road to hell by Kessler, Jackie


Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berend - one of my favorite books!!

Midnight by Koontz, Dean R.

Midnight Bayou by Roberts, Nora

Midnight's daughter by Chance, Karen.

Midnight clear *

Midnight in Ruby Bayou by Lowell, Elizabeth


The fountain : a novel by Grayson, Emily.

The fountainhead by Rand, Ayn


Time after time by O'Day-Flannery, Constance

The time machine by Wells, H. G.

Time travelers never die by McDevitt, Jack

Time and again by Finney, Jack

Time flies by Cook, Claire



Together for the holidays by Daley, Margaret

A fall together : a novel by O'Neill, Jennifer

Chicks with sticks : knit two together by Lenhard, Elizabeth.


Star flight by Whitney, Phyllis A.

Star by Steel, Danielle

Star Island by Hiaasen, Carl

Star bright! : a Christmas story by Greeley, Andrew M.

The star attraction : a novel by Sweeney, Alison


Thrones, dominations by Sayers, Dorothy L.

Throne of glass by Maas, Sarah J.

The throne of fire by Riordan, Rick

Monthly Count:
APR 12
JUN 12
AUG 10
OCT 11
NOV 14
DEC 12 = 118

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